St. Patrick’s Day: get your green on

Today is St. Patrick’s Day, another holiday that has gotten so far from its original intent to be nearly unrecognizable. St. Patrick is a patron saint of Ireland and is believed to have died on March 17 in 461. He is famous for bringing Christianity to Ireland. But he wasn’t Irish. As a youth, Pat … [Read more...]

Be true to yourself

A week or so ago, I had the opportunity to listen to Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr. He was in Charleston for an appearance. I had respect for him before, but listening to him in person raised my respect for him immensely. And he didn’t sing at all. Okay, that’s not entirely true. He did sing just a … [Read more...]

A little more love in the world

Watching the Super Bowl, I was amused with the McDonalds promotion showing people confused about the request to pay for their meals with a little “lovin”. I’m not sure how the promotion will work for McDonalds, and I probably won’t go there just to try to get a free sandwich, but I like the concept. … [Read more...]