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If you tossed a shot of Carl Hiaasen’s eco-consciousness into a tall tumbler of Clive Cussler’s action, it would taste a lot like Return to Cayman.

Loren Holt
Author/reviewer for the I Saw Lightning Fall blog

Mike Scott adventures continue to be at the top of my must-read list with every new release. The latest brings Mike back to the Caymans where the series began. It’s just good writing that paints a vivid picture and tells a story comparable to a summer blockbuster action movie. Two big fins up!

Greg "The Divemaster” Holt
Host/Producer of ScubaRadio

The best Mike Scott adventure yet, humanized with a pinch of mid life crisis (‘what good is a life, our stories, without loved ones to share with?’), layered over an enlightening love letter to the sea.

Daniel Boyd
Author/filmmaker, Chillers, Carbon

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