BOGO FREE deal and new Kindle price

Merry Christmas to you and your friends! If you buy a paperback copy of one of the Mike Scott adventure novels through Amazon, you will get a Kindle copy of the same book for free. If you give the print books as gifts, no one has to know you kept the ebooks for yourself. Cayman … [Read more...]

Family Christmas gift: smoke alarms

I was talking to an acquaintance a few days ago. He is a newspaper photographer and had just come from a devastating house fire where a young couple lost everything…with the exception of their lives. In general things are just things. If you are alive, you can always rebuild. Investigators weren’t su … [Read more...]

Pause and be thankful

My stepdaughter works retail in the mall. She is already sick of “christmas”. (I intentionally used a lower case “c” there. She isn’t sick of Christmas, just the shopping and hype of it all.) They’ve had Christmas decorations up since before Halloween. In fact, she has a picture of kids trick-or-tr … [Read more...]

Winter is coming

A group of characters in the book/television series Game of Thrones that represent “the north” have the family catchphrase “Winter is coming.” They say it in context of “it might be nice now, but winter is coming.” They are pretty much the downers they sound like. Winter is definitely coming aroun … [Read more...]