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Sharks on Land

image tiger shark closeupThe latest short story by Eric Douglas and starring the main character from his adventure novels, Mike Scott, is now available online for free. Available exclusively on


image Heart of the Maya book coverGet your copy today!

Murder, kidnapping and the theft of an ancient Mayan statue, both 500 years ago and today, and diving in cenotes on the Mayan Riviera all come into play in this Mike Scott adventure.

Listen to this great interview Eric did with Jim Lange of WV Public Broadcasting and hear him read an excerpt from Heart of the Maya. 

Heart of the Maya is now available in softcover and on Kindle. Learn more!


image Keep on, Keepin' on book coverIn the Spring of 2013, Jean Hanna Davis was diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time in 10 years. The first time, she was pregnant with her second child. This time, her daughter helped her through the process. Throughout it all, Jean’s mantra was “Keep on, Keeping on.”

This book includes interviews, stories, Facebook posts (to begin each chapter), essays written by Jean and private thoughts recorded in the evenings or on the way to her chemo appointments. While Jean is an upbeat and optimistic person, it isn’t all sunshine and roses. It is a real look at chemo and breast cancer. Learn more!


image River Town book cover

River Town is a collection of short stories set in 1890s West Virginia. The combined work of six different authors, the tales range from adventure to romance, from intrigue to fantasy. Each story stands alone, yet together they take readers to a time along the Kanawha River just after the Civil War when families were still struggling to recover and before the railroad came through the mountains. The river was the center of everything.

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The Withrow Key short story adventure image Withrow Key story collage of coversseries features revolves around small town life in the Florida Keys, diving, oceans, intrigue and adventure–with some weirdness thrown in. Check them out in the Short Fiction section.

Eric Douglas is an author, photographer, blogger and magazine writer who has had the good fortune of traveling the world scuba diving. He is now back where he started with a new perspective on life. Join him for the adventure!

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