Reader’s Choice Cover Art

Selecting the cover for Return to Cayman We've just about finished narrowing down the cover art for the latest Mike Scott thriller "Return to Cayman". But we want your thoughts. Many thanks to Brenda Pinnell from Hepcatz Design for her patience with me for finding just the right c … [Read more...]

Making it to 100

A week or so ago, I went to a friend’s birthday party. Margaret Josephine (Cameron) Gill turned 100 on March 31. Think about that for a second. She was born March 31, 1915. World War I began in July of the previous year. The first powered flight was 12 years before. Women got the vote when she was f … [Read more...]

April Fool’s Day…or All Fools?

Without knowing what else is in the paper today, I can't say if there is an April Fool’s Day story or not. The practice used to be fairly common. Newspapers and other media would run a front page story about some far-fetched topic, mainly to see if anyone would catch the joke. There are cases, more o … [Read more...]