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Eric Douglas is an author, photographer, blogger and magazine writer who has had the good fortune of traveling the world scuba diving. He is now back where he started with a new perspective on life. Join him for the adventure!

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Recent releases

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West Virginia sends more of her sons and daughters to war than any other state, per capita. Common Valor includes the stories of 46 West Virginia war veterans, including Medal of Honor recipient Hershel W. “Woody” Williams, with their thoughts on service, on war and on returning home. These veterans served from World War II to Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan. Common Valor is the companion to the multimedia documentary West Virginia Voices of War and it includes the complete story from the documentary as well.

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cayman cowboys cover webDiving in Grand Cayman, magazine photographer Mike Scott notices a series of unusual occurrences including the death of a girl, a protest of new development and the systematic destruction of coral reefs. It all comes together when armed men warn him away from a dive site. Investigating, he witnesses a specially-equipped submarine destroying the reef…

This is the second edition of the first Mike Scott adventure novel. It also includes the first chapter of Flooding Hollywood. Read the rest of the description now!


Short Fiction

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The Withrow Key short story adventure series features revolves around small town life in the Florida Keys, diving, oceans, intrigue and adventure–with some weirdness thrown in. Check them out in the Short Fiction section.